Improved version of Online Signature

By 28/08/2020 July 2nd, 2021 Online Signature

On sunday August 30 2020, an improved version of Online Signature will be launched.

We are happy to announce, that we have built a new version of Online Signature to meet the requirement of better performance, stability, security, logging and much more.

Some users have experienced issues with the Signicat status page, so we have rebuilt the Signicat Status page, and made it much more robust.

The new page will do some cleaning up. If a sending is out of date, have errors, and for some reason can’t be used for resend, it will get it’s status changed to process, and will no longer be visible on the Signicat Status page, but can at any time be found and searched in SuperOffice because the status value on a document is found on the more page of a document.

The new Signicat Status page will show Signicat ducuments for the past 30 days or max 500 documents, If you have more documents, they will emerge when you start processing your document.

On the Signicat status page you can now jump to the Customer, Author and Contact or even open the document directly from the Signicat status page.