Convert SuperOffice Documents to PDF

PDF Manager

Do you want to share SuperOffice documents in a secure and universal format that cannot be changed? With PDF Manager you can protect the content.

Secure PDF-format on SuperOffice documents

Create a PDF in 3 simple steps

Convert a document easily to PDF and define your settings to fit

Convert a document easily to PDF and define your settings to fit

PDF Manager adds a tab where you can find the documents to be converted to PDF.

The converted PDF document will be archived on the activity tab, from where it can be opened or sent via e-mail.


  • Fast and easy to use
  • Easy to share documents. The PDF-format can be viewed on all units
  • Free PDF-reader can be easily downloaded
  • Secure and reliable. Documents cannot be changed


  • Converts all SuperOffice documents (except XLSM-files) to PDF files
  • The PDF files are saved in the SuperOffice document archive
  • The PDF files can be shared or opened from the activity list in SuperOffice
  • PDF files can be emailed from the SuperOffice activity list with 1 click
  • Smart and fast configuration without programming


Price is per server per month, invoiced yearly. Number of users is users on the SuperOffice installation.

1-10 users 60 EUR
11-20 users 80 EUR
21-50 users 100 EUR

More end 50 users: Contact us for an offer


Requires a subscription to SuperOffice CRM. All user plans are supported

PDF Manager

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