Get focus on your customer satisfaction

NPS for SuperOffice

NPS-score and feedback are critical data in the customer relation and should be available and visible in your SuperOffice solution.

Get full focus on customer satisfaction

NPS for SuperOffice is an App that integrates NPS.Today with SuperOffice. With this App installed,  you get a quick overview of the current customer relationship via NPS Score, so you can take proactive and targeted action in your contact with the customer.
With alarms, notification and tasks directly in SuperOffice CRM, you can now ensure timely follow-up based on the current customer feedback.

Operational Loyalty Solution

With your NPS.Today integrated into SuperOffice you can send an NPS questionnaire to individuals or to a selection of people created in SuperOffice. This allows you to use current feedback for action in all interactions and across the customer experience.

NPS result shown on the SuperOffice company card

NPS result shown on the SuperOffice person card

On the NPS Campaign tab, you can select which campaign to send.

A complete plug-in solution

Many companies are investing time and money to build and maintain an integration between their customer systems and their loyalty solution.
With Amesto’s NPS App, you get a complete solution with full integration, NPS graphics and NPS data directly into your SuperOffice CRM.

Key features

• Send with CRM-triggers
• All NPS-data in SuperOffice
• NPS-response in activities
• NPS-graphics gives quick overview
• Notifications and follow-up
• CRM-dashboards with NPS-data


Price is per server per month, invoiced yearly.

NPS.Today plug-in  DKK

In addition to the above you will need subscription with NPS.Today

System requirements


SuperOffice Online
SuperOffice 8.5-R04 – current release

SuperOffice On-Premise
SuperOffice 8.4 R04 and above


In addition to a SuperOffice license, an active subscription is required at

Get better insights

The NPS method is unique, because you give the customer the optimal opportunity to provide objective but comparable feedback. This is done by not asking open questions.

With NPS measurements across the customer journey, you can manage and develop your customer-facing employee on the basis of NPS scores.

Why NPS.Today

  • A pure NPS based platform
  • A ready-to-use cloud solution
  • Integrated with SuperOffice CRM
  • Includes NPS counseling and support
NPS for SuperOffice

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