Apps for SuperOffice CRM

With one or more apps from Amesto, it is quick and easy to add
functionality to your SuperOffice CRM solution, without having to
go through difficult and time consuming implementation processes.

Amesto Apps

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Explore the universe of Amesto Apps that can expand your SuperOffice CRM solution and discover new ways to get even more out of the tool you already use.

Amesto Apps makes your SuperOffice even better

With one or more Amesto Apps, it is fast and easy to add functionality to your SuperOffice CRM.

We offer two weeks free trial on all Amesto Apps.

NPS for SuperOffice

NPS for SuperOffice, gives you a quick overview of the current customer relationship, so you can take proactive and targeted action in your contact with the customer.

AD Manager

Automated user management for SuperOffice CRM Onsite. By using AD Manager, the IT department can perform SuperOffice user administration in Active Directory without having to open the SuperOffice Admin tool.

Expander Design Suite (EDS)

EDS is the perfect toolbox and by far the most flexible and efficient design tool for SuperOffice.

Customize tabs and fields, view data from external systems and automate workflows.

More than 10,000 SuperOffice users use EDS every single day.


ERP Integration

ERP Integration is a predefined package with DataSync and EDS for Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV or Visma Business. It is also available in a generic solution.

ERP integration packages provide simple and automatic synchronization of address information, key figures, KPIs and invoice information from the accounting system to SuperOffice CRM.

Amesto Insight (Power BI)

Amesto Insight is a Power BI solution, ie. a visual and intuitive tool for reporting, budgeting and analysis. The system is based on SuperOffice CRM and other relevant databases, and provides a simple approach to important information.

PDF Manager

Convert SuperOffice CRM Onsite documents to PDF directly from the SuperOffice activity list. Ability to convert and send as email in one process.

Phone Integration

Phone Integration lead you directly to the real contact person / contact card in SuperOffice CRM when the phone rings. It is also possible to use SuperOffice CRM to call the customer, so you do not have to call manually. Time-saving for both sales, administration and support.

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