Build valuable customer relationships

SuperOffice CRM ties all of your customer's activities together
and allows your business to deliver a more personalized
and better customer experience.

SuperOffice CRM

Work intelligently with your customer data

Good customer relationships do not come by themselves, but require a targeted effort and good planning.
This is where SuperOffice comes into the picture.

With SuperOffice, you can put your contact with customers in a system, and you thus get the support you need when you need to provide optimal customer service.

SuperOffice CRM is simple to use, easy to implement and very cost effective.

Get your full overview in SuperOffice

Use SuperOffice CRM to gather data from your other business systems and support the key processes in your business.

With the add-on product Expnder Design Suite (EDS), you get access to a universe of new functions, tabs and logic in SuperOffice.

With Amesto Apps
you can

Create an overview in SuperOffice, among other things, with data from the company’s other systems.

Expand your SuperOffice CRM solution with new designs without programming.

Get full focus on customer satisfaction

NPS scores and feedback are critical data in the customer relationship and should therefore be available and visible in your SuperOffice solution.

NPS for SuperOffice, gives you a quick overview of the current customer relationship, so you can take proactive and targeted action in your contact with the customer.

Functionality in SuperOffice CRM

SuperOffice CRM includes a number of features that help you organize and gather contact information in one place while giving you full control over sales, follow-ups, documents and emails. There are also a number of smart SuperOffice add-ons so you can customize the CRM system to your needs. In addition, SuperOffice ensures that you archive your customer data in accordance with the Personal Data Act GDPR.

GDPR functionality

SuperOffice CRM is updated with functionality so you can easily follow the law according to GDPR. For example, handling of consent, handling of subscriptions, mass updates, etc.

Contact Management

SuperOffice CRM helps you keep all the key information about your customers in one place – whether it’s contact details, email correspondence, phone calls, documents or meeting notes. With a single click, everyone in the company can access all registered customer information.

Diary and calendar

Use the calendar to list activities, plan projects, check availability and share information. Check available times in your own diary against colleagues. If everyone is busy at the time you have chosen, the system will automatically give you suggestions for a time when everyone is available. The calendar can of course be automatically synchronized with your Outlook calendar, so that no double entries have to be made.

Document and email administration

Saving, sharing and collaborating has never been easier. SuperOffice CRM is fully integrated with i.a. Microsoft Office 365. Emails can be automatically saved on the right contact or on a project, and you can easily create tasks in your calendar based on email communication.

Broadcasts and chat

In SuperOffice CRM you will find a simplified e-mail tool that can send a customized e-mail to the contacts in SuperOffice CRM. In addition, there is the extra module eMarketeer, which is a professional solution for e.g. news mailings, event management and marketing automation.


Save time by using approved templates. That way you ensure uniformity in all correspondence. Pre-written letters or quote templates are simply and automatically updated with the selected customer’s address, contact person and date.

Selctions and target groups

In SuperOffice CRM, you can quickly find the right audience by using selections. You can filter the categories; sort by geography, industry, job title, sales cycle, interests or anything else that fits.

Project management

Do you have large, complex projects? Set milestones and create to-do lists and project guides for the projects you run often. You get full control and a more efficient project collaboration with your colleagues.

SuperOffice CRM on your mobile device

With the Pocket CRM app for mobile phones and tablets, you get easy and fast access to all important customer information no matter where you are. This gives you full access to your SuperOffice CRM data, and you can perform urgent cases and tasks that you had forgotten, even when you have left the office. Perfect for everyone that are on the go!

Sales Follow-up

Powerful sales features give you accurate forecasts, manage sales pipeline, and help you close more sales. You can also make offers and place orders with a single click.

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