Customize SuperOffice to your business needs

Expander Design Suite Online

Get the full overview of your customer relationship with additional tabs in SuperOffice showing data from other business systems.

Tailor SuperOffice to your business needs

Get the full overview in SuperOffice CRM Online. View important data from other business systems and display them on tabs in SuperOffice or enhance key business processes with additional tabs and features.

A universe of possibilities

With EDS Online you get access to a universe of new features, tabs and logic in SuperOffice. Automate heavy workflows, create an overview on the customer card or project card, view data from other systems, use SuperOffice for new functions, get tabs for entering, viewing or validating data, use SuperOffice as image archive.

EDS Online makes your work life easier

Example of EDS tab

An example of how EDS can be used to create a customer specific tab for Customer Data Analytics.

Use SuperOffice as your primary solution

With EDS Online, it is possible to use SuperOffice as the primary solution for the company’s daily tasks. This saves time for many employees, as they do not have to enter different systems to retrieve data. At the same time, money is saved, as there is no need to invest in expensive viewing licenses for e.g. a corporate ERP system.

With EDS Online, you get all company information available directly in your SuperOffice.

Main functionality

  • Customizing SuperOffice to your business needs.
  • Additional tabs, tables, functions and logic in SuperOffice CRM Online.
  • Tabs with data from other data sources, such as financial system.
  • Design follows SuperOffice’s design guide so that it looks to the user as part of SuperOffice.
  • Information in tabs can be exported to Microsoft Excel with one click.
  • Quick configuration without the use of special programming.


Price is per user per month, invoiced once a year. Minimum purchase i 5 users.

EDS Professional, per user 20 EUR

The price includes a SuperOffice mirror database hosted on MS Azure incl. 2 GB data, and 5 DTU’s (read about DTU’s here )
If you need additional storage sizes or DTU’s, the price will increase accordingly.
Please contact us for additional price information.


EDS Online is delivered to SuperOffice Online. EDS Online is configured via an administration tool without the need for special development.

Business Your Way

Get a cockpit in your SuperOffice CRM Online that can show your full commitment with the customer or customize SuperOffice to support the daily business process.

EDS Online is the perfect toolbox for SuperOffice professionals, and offers, among other things, several predefined solutions and a universe of new functions for SuperOffice. Add new tabs or fields, support or automate heavy workflows, create customer or project card overviews, view data from other business systems, or add tabs for entering, viewing, or validating data. The visual result is 100% SuperOffice “look and feel”.

EDS Online is often used for the presentation of accounting data, invoice lines, key figures or trends, perhaps live from the ERP system. Or it is used to keep track of sales targets, budgets, product information, price lists, contracts, discounts, leasing, product management, serial numbers, project information and the like.


  • Gives you the full overview of your engagement with the customer directly in SuperOffice CRM Online.
  • Enables faster response and better service to your customers.
  • Supports and optimizes the daily business processes.
  • Easy customization of SuperOffice CRM Online to suit your business needs.
  • Perfect if you need more designs, fields or tabs.
  • Supports that tabs and data are only displayed for relevant user groups.
  • EDS design follows the SuperOffice design guide and is displayed as part of SuperOffice.
  • Increase your total value of SuperOffice CRM Online.


  • Add tabs, fields, drop-downs, tables, functions and logic.
  • View and use data from external data sources, e.g. an ERP system.
  • Perform advanced calculations, validations and workflows.
  • Export data in EDS tabs to Microsoft Excel with 1 click.
  • Predefined solution templates for e.g. financial info, invoice lines, product info, etc.
  • Display tabs and data depending on user information, e.g. user groups
  • Quick configuration without the need for programming.
  • The visual design of EDS Online is SuperOffice “Look and feel”
EDS Online

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