Get contracts digitally signed and stored directly in SuperOffice

Online Signature

Get contracts digitally signed within minutes and improve your sales process while offering your clients a better service.

Get a full overview of all contracts

In collaboration with Signicat, Amesto offers the Online Signature App, a fast and flexible app solution that enables electronic signing of documents directly from SuperOffice CRM.

Online Signature from Amesto Solutions is the easiest way to get your contracts signed within minutes and stored directly in SuperOffice. Your customers will now be able to sign contracts anywhere and on any device. It is easy and safe to use and will save you time and money and at the same time provide great service to your customers.

Electronic signatures apply in all situations where a handwritten signature is required such as contracts, quotes, loan applications, rental and so on.

Online signature is fast and easy

Online signature is fast and easy, both in relation to SuperOffice and for the end user. Several people can sign several different documents, no matter where they are and on any device, either with a Scandinavian national ID or with a handwritten electronic signature.

A signed document contains information about who signed it, exactly when it was signed, and whether the signature was valid at the time of signing. Subsequently, it is possible to check whether the document has been changed after it was signed. All information is stored in the document in the SuperOffice document archive and has legal validity.

Also the solution provides an oppertunity to see the status of a given document, has it been sent, is it signed etc.

With online signature, you can automate manual processes and provide greater opportunities for self-service.

Online Signature have it's own tab in SuperOffice

Online Signature (Signicat) is located as an additional tab on the company card.
Here you can see the status of the documents for signature.

A dialogue box lets you write a personalized message when using online signature

In a dialog box it is possible to write a message to the recipient of the document to be signed.

WIth online Signature it is easy to add signees

It is also possible to choose who will receive the document, and also add new recipients if they are not already registered in SuperOffice.

Get documents signed quickly and easily

  1. Create a quote as you normallly would in SuperOffice.
  2. Start the signature process directly from SuperOffice. Customers are informed via email with a link and an invitation to the signing process. And you can always follow the process in SuperOffice.
  3. The end user reads through and signs the document online – easily and securely!

The signed document is internally converted to a protected PDF file in the international PAdES format and is immediately saved in the activity list in SuperOffice.


  • Saves time and money and simplifies the signing process
  • Provides secure identification of signatories
  • Signer can read through and sign an agreement immediately
  • No printouts, no scanning, no emails, no letters and no postage
  • Better customer experience – simple, fast and secure
  • Legal validity and traceability are ensured by Signicat
  • Better control – complete overview in SuperOffice

Signicat – delivers electronic signing solutions

Signicat is Scandinavia’s leading provider of electronic identification and signature services The company, founded in 2007, provides web-based security services to the public and private sectors worldwide. The solution meets international standards and requirements for, among other things, confidentiality, the fight against money laundering and anti-terrorism and with the requirements for customer control (KYC) when registering new users. The goal is to enable customers to work more efficiently by creating a better user experience for end users while reducing risk using advanced security technology.

Key functionality

  • The entire process is handled on the SuperOffice customer card
  • Support for all Scandinavian official national ID systems (NemID, BankID, Tupas) and EasySign (handwritten signature on touch screen devices)
  • Multiple documents can be send and signed in one process
  • Quick and easy for customers to use
  • Simple instructions describe the process from start to finish
  • The customer reads and signs documents in the browser on his own device, e.g. PC, smartphone, tablet etc.
  • Legally binding signature approved by most European banks and financial institutions


This app is sold on a monthly subscription plan, with a 12-month subscription period, billed annually and in advance. The price is based on the total number of documents (signing ceremonies) and all prices are given before VAT. Bemærk at der kan tilkomme gebyr fra de digitale service partnere. Please note that there may be a fee from the digital service partners..

Up to 20 documents per mo. 38 EUR
Up to 50 documents per mo.. 77 EUR
Up to 100 documents per mo. 120 EUR
Enterprise* 235 EUR

*Online Signature Enterprise is for customers who want their own service or have special needs for signing. The price includes all costs for the app and hosting. Online Signature Enterprise requires an individual agreement with Signicat.


A subscription to SuperOffice CRM Online

All user plans are supported

Online Signature

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