Manage your documents in SuperOffice


Amesto DocArc is a SuperOffice Document Archive designed to simplify the handling of large amounts of documents in SuperOffice for both Projects and Contacts. All document types such as PDF-files, drawings, pictures and other types of electronic documents are handled by the solution.

Easier document management in SuperOffice

DocArc is a document management tool for SuperOffice that simplifies the daily routines in SuperOffice CRM by archiving documents, emails and activities in a folder hierarchy as known from Windows Explorer. The hierarchy can be determined by the user, or be predefined by the administrator based on the customer category or project type.

DocArc is designed to simplify the management of large volumes of activities in SuperOffice CRM. All document types (Office files, drawings, images, etc.), emails and activities in SuperOffice are supported.

With docArc it is also possible to predefine which folders to be used for specific types of documents.

For the user DocArc is a fully integrated and natural part of SuperOffice CRM, which automatically saves files and documents in the right place. The folder structure can be predefined for quotes, agreements, error messages, drawings, etc. Documents, emails or activities archived by DocArc always end up in the correct folder, and a easy to retrieve via the folder structure using the DocArc tab.

Amesto DocArc helps you store and categorize documents in SuperOffice better than any other tool. DocArc combines the familiar and flexible folder structure you are used to from Windows file management with SuperOffice benefits.

It is easy to create new folders or predefine document types for specific folders.

Documents stored in SuperOffice and found via DocArc can easily be sent as e-mail via SuperOffice.


  • Simplifies handling of activities in SuperOffice
  • Makes it quick and easy to archive and find
  • Ensures archiving rules are complied with
  • Folder layout according to internal policies or quality manual.
  • Well known user interface like Windows File Explorer
  • Fully integrated into SuperOffice CRM Online and the same ease of use

Key features

  • Easy handling, filing and overview of activities, documents and e-mails in a windows like folder structure.
  • Folder design by the user or pre-designed by the administrator.
  • Drag and drop from one folder to another

Prices – DocArc

Monthly subscription price per user, billed annually.

1-3 users 20 EUR
4-10 users 15 EUR
11-20 users 14 EUR
21-30 users 13 EUR
31-50 users 12 EUR
51-70 users 11 DKK
+71 users Contact us 


Requires a subscription to SuperOffice CRM. All user plans are supported


The set-up of the app is easy and follows an automatic wizard. Consultancy services such as help to get started or training, are available and in addition.



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