Automated user administration for SuperOffice

AD Manager for SuperOffice CRM Onsite

With this app, the IT department can perform user administration in relation to SuperOffice Onsite, directly in the Active Directory, without having to open the SuperOffice Admin tool.

AD Manager gives fast and easy user maintenance

By using AD Manager, the IT department can perform SuperOffice user administration in the Active Directory. There is no need to open the SuperOffice Admin tool.

Linking and synchronization

Staff changes require changes to your Active Directory. Typically, it takes about 15 minutes to create and assign rights to new users in SuperOffice CRM and third-party modules. With our app you can significantly reduce this time consumption.

Link your Active Directory with SuperOffice CRM so that changes to Active Directory are automatically detected and immediately synchronized with SuperOffice CRM. Therefore, there is only one place to create and maintain your users. It is a simple and time-saving constellation.


  • A great help for larger SuperOffice customers.
  • Saves time – you only need to create and maintain users in one system.
  • Quick creation of new users.
  • Enables you to perform your user maintenance tasks better.
  • Saves all rules for assigning different user profiles to different user groups.

Key features

  • Create and maintain existing SuperOffice users exclusively from Active Directory.
  • Quick assignment of roles and rights via user profiles.
  • Monitors changes in the Active Directory and sends to SuperOffice.
  • All changes are instantly synchronized with SuperOffice, eliminating the waiting time for the employee to start working without any delay.


Price is per server per month and dependent on total number of users, invoiced yearly.

Up to 100 users 130 EUR
From 101 to 200 users 190 EUR
More than 200 users 250 EUR

Integration to

  • SuperOffice Sales & Marketing Windows
  • SuperOffice Sales & Marketing Web
  • SuperOffice Customer Service
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