Use your customer data intelligently

SuperOffice CRM combined with Amesto Apps can make yout worklife a lot easier
by compiling and visualising your customer data.

Amesto Apps and SuperOffice CRM

Make your customer data
more operational

Better sales results come through knowing and reaching the right audience. With SuperOffice and Amesto Apps, you can get more accurate forecasts and the sales support you need to win more sales. SuperOffice and Amesto Apps can help you put customer inquiries in system and give you the support you need to provide better customer service.

SuperOffice CRM combined with Amesto Apps is simple, user friendly and cost effective.

Get full focus on customer satisfaction

NPS score and feedback are critical data in the customer relationship and should therefore be accessible and visible in your SuperOffice CRM solution.

NPS for SuperOffice gives you a quick overview of the current customer relationship, so you can take proactive and targeted action in your contact with the customer.

Get an overview of key figures and activities

Visualize all data stored in SuperOffice via Microsoft Power BI.

Amesto Insight is a Power BI connector for SuperOffice CRM, and gives you a simple and flexible analysis and reporting tool

With Amesto Apps you can

View data from other systems and create an overview in SuperOffice CRM.

Extend your SuperOffice CRM solution with new designs without programming.

Save implementation time and costs.

Provide perfect service when the phone rings

Access all relevant information when the phone rings so you can deliver a customer experience out of the ordinary.

Even before the customer says his name, you have the full overview of the customer’s portfolio and you can start a new SuperOffice task with a single click.

Get the full overview in SuperOffice CRM

Use SuperOffice to gather data from other business systems and support the most important processes in your business.

With EDS Online, you gain access to a universe of new features, tabs and logic in SuperOffice, for example. entering, viewing, or validating data.

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