Customize SuperOffice to your business needs.

EDS – Expander Design Suite

Without a doubt the most flexible and efficient design tool for SuperOffice.

Do you need more fields or tabs in SuperOffice, or do you want to supplement SuperOffice Sales & Marketing or SuperOffice Service so that the program supports important business processes? EDS, which stands for Expander Design Suite, is without a doubt the most flexible and efficient design tool. Use the ready-made solutions, or adapt the SuperOffice CRM Onsite to your business needs. EDS is used with great success by more than 10,000 SuperOffice users every day.

A new design universe

EDS includes many ready-made solutions and a number of new features for SuperOffice.

Add new tabs or fields, improve or automate demanding workflows, create new tabs on customer cards, project cards, sales cards, activities, service, etc., or view data from other business systems. With EDS, you can add tabs for free text, display, questionnaires, or data validation. The visual expression is 100% the same as in SuperOffice CRM Onsite.

Get a competitive advantage

Amesto – Ekspander Design Suite (EDS)


  • Optimize SuperOffice to better support your day-to-day operations
  • Get a complete overview of all customer activities in SuperOffice
  • Act fast, provide better service and reduce the number of manual errors
  • Make SuperOffice even better with extra tabs, workflows and features without programming


  • Add additional tabs, fields, drop-down lists, tables and functions to SuperOffice without programming
  • View and use data from external sources, e.g. ERP
  • Perform advanced calculations, validations, and workflows
  • The information on the EDS tabs can be exported to Microsoft Excel with 1 click
  • EDS has the same design as SuperOffice CRM and looks like the rest of the program


Monthly subscription price per user, billed annually. Minimum purchase is 5 users.

EDS Professional, per user EUR 20/month


EDS supports SuperOffice Sales & Marketing and SuperOffice Service from version 7.1 onwards. EDS Designer is used to configure and import ready-made solutions. No programming required.

Espander Design Suite (EDS) for SuperOffice CRM Onsite

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