Make better decisions based on actual data

Amesto Insights (Power BI)

Make better decisions based on actual data

Amesto Insights is a Power BI connector for SuperOffice CRM, which allows you to visualize all data stored in SuperOffice via Microsoft Power BI.

Standard report package

Amesto Insights retrieves data from SuperOffice CRM directly into Microsoft Power BI. With the integration comes a model for report modeling as well as a package of standard reports. The report package can be used directly without adjustments, but it can also be changed as desired. With the report modeling tool,  you can easily create completely new customer-specific reports.

Combine data from multiple systems

In many cases, it is of great value to retrieve data from other systems in the company and combine these with data from SuperOffice CRM. Eg. retrive budget and actual result from the financial system and combine with a weighted pipeline from SuperOffice CRM.

Key functionality

  • Standard report package included.
  • User-specific reports can easily be created.
  • Combine with data from other data sources, such as financial system.
  • Quick and easy customization without the use of special programming.


Amesto Insights is sold on a monthly subscription plan with a 12-month subscription period that is invoiced annually.
The price is based on the number of users.

Please contact us for price


Power BI is an add-on product from the Microsoft Microsoft Office family, making it just as easy to supplement with as Outlook and Excel, especially if you run Office 365.

There are no specific requirements to the SuperOffice installation.

Amesto Insights (Power BI)

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