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#SuperOffice 8.4R05 has been tested.
#various bug fixes and improvements.
#new year’s release. Minor and major bug fixes and improvements.
#better error messaging in Template Expander when being called from MS Office add-in.
#logging folder with the different log programs is now added in the Online package because of Template Expander MS Office add-in.
#FrontEnd; an ajax error occurred on search boxes and drop downs in most normal situations.
#introduction of EDS.Online Office Ribbon add-in for Word and Excel, this enables normal Template Expander EDS templates with singles, lists and variables.
#minor fixes and improvements of the concept and code for full cloud support. Not much to setup manually.
#first version that can run fully in the cloud seen from the perspective of a customer.
#current setup will be prefilled with values from the user that runs the designer, and now there is a default button on the dialog as well for easy reset. Each variable (cuid, prid …) are checked now to see if the object still exists.
#full support for SuperOffice 8.4.
#associate.person.country_id now uses SoCurrentPrincipal.HomeCountry.Identity which is right.
#filter on normal search box and on the column search box is now blinded, it is only possible to set a filter by using the filter tab in the search box definition that the search box referrers to.
#FrontEnd grid dialog now has a “save + new” button for faster input of rows. The OK button caption has changed to “Save”.
#export data from tables was not freeing the cursor objects before at the end, so large quantity of data would make the designer blow up.
#SuperOffice search DLL’s would failed when using the SuperOffice dashboards.
#when updating from old script versions where the “adwiza” table still was present, the CDD logic would fail.
#added web panel navigation “Person screen section tab”.
#we fixed an old resource leak and eliminated the need for max connection pool size.
#GUI fix for drop down; j’s and g’s were clipped at the bottom.

#better GUI and small error fixes in upgrade from pre-8.1 to 8.1 and up; the CDD handle has been improved.
#export/import of data from all tables in a solution had some small errors.
#view data from scripts published in other data sources than inbuilt *SuperOffice now works.
#slave box showed 1 or 0 instead of a check box.
Windows Travel is currently not working in 8.1 & 8.2, pending BUG from SuperOffice AS

**For superOffice 8.3 please use these inbuilt search .dll files, to circumvent a SuperOffice bug with selectionid = -1 in dashboards.

Note the switch to 4.2 - in this version we have upgraded the dropdowns and searchboxes with highly requested features - read the included document, and as always remember to create a backup before upgrading.
#Added new quicksearch functionality
#Fixed frontend tabulator issues
#Checkboxes are also changed, this was a required change to fix tabulator issues and other backend issues. This means a checkbox can no longer have a user selected width. If you require the label to be placed further away from the checkbox, simply remove the caption and add a label instead.
#Minor bug fixes for CDD logic calls.
#Upgrading EDS tables from 8.0 to 8.1 is made more robust and the user can choose to do some of steps manually which makes it possible to do custom upgrade steps without going through the automatic tasks first.
#Refresh snapshot service task did not write the correct information about tables properties; some flags were mixed up.
#SQL scripts can now be published on all data sources not only on *SuperOffice. This means you can create e.g. a view in your ERP database, but from an EDS solution. Everything is kept in one place. *Note this is primarilly for Online cases, please use with caution and inform ERP or others if you chose to create anything in their databases!
#Sale.completed and document.completed didn’t work in EDS Front mode.
#Importing of large data tables would freeze the designer.

Windows Travel is currently not working in 8.1 & 8.2, pending BUG from SuperOffice AS

#Multiple problems relating to upgrading databases to new SuperOffice CDD logic fixed
#Fixed problem with EDS data on SO Travel
#Solved issue regarding dependant dropdowns
#Fixed EDS person search that could in some cases add wrong persons to selection
#Improved error on pages where owner card wasn't saved or no link value was found

Windows Travel is currently not working in 8.1 & 8.2, pending BUG from SuperOffice AS

Removed support for SuperOffice 7.5, current support is for 8.0+

#New FrontEnd web search included
#Improved frontend searchbox & filter sizing. - (Use OCX preview from designer to set default size)
#Some minor bugfixes

#Fixed problem with new 8.1/8.2 databases, (sequence/tablenumbers are now no longer always +10)
#Improved table publishing logic and frontend notification - remember you still need to recycle backend when creating new tables!

Important read included document regarding database changes
#Support for SuperOffice 8.1 and 8.2
#Fixed multiscreen problem when using EDS Popup


#Frontend performance update, up to 100% performance increase on grids with slave fields and dropdowns.
#impersonate for document manipulation was using a wrong Windows logon type.
#calendar procedures are now called with SuperOffice currents.
#templates for calendar procedures added in SQL script properties.

#Release of edit for calendar.
#FrontEnd: some minor security problems addressed.