Support for SuperOffice 8.1 OnPrem

By 26/10/2017 November 13th, 2017 Uncategorized

Hi. We are pushing for make all apps ready for SuperOffice v8.1. Ready and compliant are: AD Manager, DataSync, DataSync Online, EDS Online, ERP Filer, ERP Jump, ERP Sync, Happy Birthday, KOB Manager, Online Dashboard, Online Signature, PDF Manager, Phone Integration.

In pipeline, but not yet compliant: Business Search and DocArc is not yet compliant. EDS is ready, but needs hands on from us. Contact us, if you need upgrade now.

Not compliant are: ECP Manager and Quote Connector.

Updates will be annouced here at Amesto Apps.


  • CWyrwich says:

    Hi guys,
    is your support only needed for upgrading EDS to SuperOffice 8.1 or do we need your help at new installations, too?

    • Claus Erik Brendstrup says:

      Hi Christian, hands on is only needed when upgrading. A new EDS version which eliminates the hands on from us will be published tomorrow from “Download”. So if you can wait for this, no support is needed.

  • Eirik Simonsen says:


    You have one server with multiple servers and db’s.(and all users are web users).

    You would ideally like to run more than one installation with EDS as part of the setup.

    Is this doeable ? if so, any best practices/write ups available. ?

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